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Asrar honey tobacco

The Asrar brand first appeared in 1400.
The purpose of Asrar is a new development in the production and supply of tobacco. Asrar products are produced with the highest quality and international standards and intends to leave a special and long lasting effect in the tobacco industry. Asrar tobacco, with its different flavors, along with eye-catching and beautiful packaging, in addition to its high quality, satisfies every taste.

Tisfoon cigarette

Tisfoon cigarettes are manufactured and distributed using the finest tobacco and cutting-edge technology. Tisfoon cigarettes’ goal is to produce the highest quality cigarettes and to maintain this importance.
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X3 cigarette

Aside from quality, which is the most important aspect of cigarette production, the goal of x3 cigarettes is to cover a wide range of tastes, so you can use different models depending on your preferences.

Moasal Al-Shami tobacco

The main goal of the Al-Shami brand is to produce high-quality Moasal tobacco. Variety of flavors, use of German essences, use of the best tobacco leaves, and many other factors has been taken into consideration in its production.
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Rashed distribution

Parsian Rashed Pouyan Distribution Company has began operations in 2002 As the first and the largest distributor and seller of tobacco and food products in Iran.
In the 1990s Rashed’s managments group has put structural development in their priority, and they have expanded their business by diversifying their products and brands.

Moasal Rashed

Arabic Rashed tobacco, made with German essential oil and the best tobacco leaves, provides you with the best taste and sensation.
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Parsian Rashed Pouyan Company started its activity in Iran since 2002 as the first and largest distributor and seller of tobacco and food products.
In the 1990s, Rashed managers prioritized structural development in their plans and developed their brand by diversifying their products.
In 2014, Parsian Rashed distributing Company has covered all provinces by relying on its large network with more than 1000 personnel.
One of the most obvious features of Rashed is having an up-to-date and regular distributing system, which has made this corporation one of the largest distributing companies in Iran.